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Celebrate Your Birthday with the Watson Inn
FREE Birthday Dinner at the Watson Inn to any patron who can prove that it's their birthday!    Must have valid Photo ID (Driver's License, Passport, ID Card -- For children: a birth certificate and a parent or legal guardian must sign waiver ,too).
EFFECTIVE --- APRIL 22, 2013:   The Birthday Meal can be ONE item off of the Menu up to $19.99.  Dinner Specials are not valid. Any sides that are not complimentary with the free birthday meal will be charged menu price.  If Watson Inn is closed on your Birthday, we will honor your birthday on the following day that we are open. Leap Year Birthday's will be honored on March 1.


May 22, 2015 Friday Special

Yankees vs Rangers

EXTRA INNINGS (Peach Schnapps, Blue Curacao, Vodka, and Sierra Mist)  $5.00

Lunch Special:  Tuna Melt  $5.99

Appetizer Special:  Fried Pickles  $5.99

Dinner Specials:  Cajun Rubbed Strip Steak  $25.99  and   Stuffed Portabello Mushroom  $18.99

Soups:   Smoked Turkey & Bean  and  New England Clam Chowder








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May 23, 2015 Saturday Special

CINNABON (Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey & Cream Soda)  $3.00

Appetizer Special:  Fried Pickles  $5.99

Dinner Specials:  Stuffed Portabello Mushroom  $18.99   and   Cajun Rubbed Strip Steak  $25.99

Soup:  Crab Bisque




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May 24, 2015 Sunday Special

 Loaded Old Bay Bloody Mary  $4.50

Olives, Pickle, Bacon, Celery, Shrimp, Lemon and Lime...It's A Meal!

served every Sunday



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May 25, 2015 Memorial Day

Watson Inn will be CLOSED for Memorial Day 

(Todays Birthdays will be honored on Tuesday, May 26)

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May 26, 2015 Tuesday Special

Kings & Wings

Wing Feature:  Raspberry BBQ

Bud Pints   $2.00

Wings  $7.00 (14)


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May 27, 2015 Wednesday Specials

Wine is the Sunlight held together by Water

$3.50 House Wine by the Glass  

1/2 Off all Bottles

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May 28, 2015 Thirsty Thursday


Bud Pints  $2.00  and  $1.00 OFF all Burgers

11 am - 10 pm


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May 29, 2015 Friday Special

Yankee vs Athletics

JUST DANDY (Voda, Gin, Rum, Tequilla, Blue Coracao, Sours and Sierra Mist)  $5.00

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May 30, 2015 Saturday Special

Red Hook Seedy Blonde Apple Ale  $2.25  Pints

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May 31, 2015 Sunday Special

It's A Meal!  Loaded Old Bay Bloody Mary $4.50

Every Sunday

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